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How Journaling Can Change Your Life

Since the dawn of humanity, people have been writing things down about their lives. From cave paintings made tens of thousands of years ago, to modern dedicated journals, people have always written things down. Essentially, they’ve kept journals. Here’s how journaling can change your life.

Why have people always kept journals? Because it has changed their lives for the better. Here are 5 ways writing certain things down, such as your daily experiences, goals, dreams and desires, can improve your life dramatically.

1. Journaling can change your life by clearing and rejuvenating your mind.

All throughout the day, your brain is working. It’s taking in new information, filing things away for later use, and making decisions you’re not even aware of. Writing your thoughts down is a way to process all that information. To clear it out and let it go, so your mind is more at peace.

Sometimes you may vent in your writing. Venting your frustrations in writing gets all those negative thoughts rolling around in your head out. This is sure to make you feel better. When your head is full of clutter, you don’t feel at ease. But when you clear that clutter out, your brain can become sharper and more creative. Better able to focus on solving the problems you’re facing and finding solutions.

2. Journaling is a way to process your emotions.

Journaling helps you to “feel your feelings.” Unless you’re highly trained in mindfulness, something that can take an entire lifetime, you probably aren’t processing your emotions – or maybe even acknowledging them.

Many of us were taught from a young age that it’s better to hide or suppress your emotions than to express them. That has led us to believe that our emotions are embarrassing, inconvenient, or even dangerous. This is far from the truth.

Writing things down in a journal will validate your emotions and re-connect you to what is real. It can help you dig through the layers of self-judgement and self-editing. It allows you to release your difficult emotions, leading to discover new insights about what the pain or discomfort in our life is really telling us.

3. Journaling is a way to keep a record of the past.

Our brains forget most things over time. The experiences you’ve had, the lessons you’ve learned, the people you’ve interacted with – memories of all of these things fade over time. Keeping a journal is a way for you to keep a record of those things that you would otherwise forget over time.

Going back to read over that record later on can be fascinating and insightful. You can re-live the good times, and gain greater understanding and appreciation for the hard times now that there’s some distance from them. You can look for all the good in your life, and increase your gratitude – something that will increase your overall sense of well being.

4. How journaling can change your life by helping you reach your goals.

Writing down our goals and desires makes it much more likely that we’ll achieve them. There is something magical in the act of physically writing down what you’re trying to achieve. Not much is known about the reasons for this, but it has been proven time and time again through experience that when you write down your goals, you’re much more likely to reach them.

5. Journaling gets you to think big.

Writing things down gives you a safe space to aim high and think big. It helps you to stay motivated, and keeps you safer from untrue self-limiting beliefs.

Journaling gives you the chance to explore dreams and desires that you might not feel safe telling anyone else about yet. And it leaves you a record you can return to later.

The Bottom Line

Are you convinced yet that journaling can change your life? If not, there’s no better way to find out than by giving it a try. I challenge you to start journaling today. I know that if you do, your life will change for the better. You may want to take a look at another post we’ve written that will give you some tips on how to make journaling a life-long habit.

And that’s how journaling can change your life. So go grab a pen right now and start writing down whatever comes to your mind. It doesn’t matter what it is. Let the amazing miracle that is your brain decide for itself. Just put the pen to paper, and let the magic begin!

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